A Day In The Life

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Well I came to this sight basically for the blogs. Now ordinarily I'm a writer, straight up fiction and all. However, when a friend let me in on this sight I had to try it, especially with how exciting life's been lately. :) My amazing news, I've been cast as the lead in the school play, beating out several seniors for the part. Tehe

Nancy is the part, Oliver is the play and I've never been more happy in my entire life. There's been a lot of people really bitter about what's been going on. I mean if you were a senior who got beat out by an underclassmen you'd say mean spiteful things too. It's so much fun though. All day in the hallways people call me by my play name and greet me with ways that remind me of the part.

My life revolves around this part now. When I wake up in the morning I have to make sure I'm dressed for sucess, I'm like a mini-celebrity. Which, I'll admit, is strange because I'm not used to caring how I look but now I have to. I'm still figuring it out :confused:.

I wait for any chance I can get to look through the play book. I carry the script and the song book with me everywhere for the pure sake of memorization. Not that I need it, my memory skills are just uncanny but I have a huge part, I don't want to mess it up. I work dilligently all day getting as much as I can done because my evenings are consumed by my efforts to play this part flawlessly. I have rehearsals after school, less since the director decided I didn't need as much practice. To tell the absolute truth, I'm really nervous about the whole thing.

The girls that I beat out are being so mean that I'm terrified to mess up. I mean, it's like they're EXPECTING me to fail. That's a lot on one girl's shoulders especially while trying to juggle school, friends, family, cheerleading, and track. But I'm gonna do it. I'm in for one wild ride, and guess what all ye of blog-dom, I'm dragging you with me. From now on I"m pulling you all through the life of an actress. Starting with a post about how I got the part and ending with my thoughts after the closing night of the show. Welcome to my life, and a day in the life of an actress.
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