A deeper look at the merclans

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The merclans are all united under one giant merkingdom called Lethross. Now there are dissenters within the kingdom who do not agree with the leader who rules Lethross and her tolerant view of Land dwellers. While many mers don't mind and even like the land dwellers there are just as many who hate and despise them for various reasons. The relationship between mers and land dwellers thus, varies from places to place. On the island of Charon mers get along well with the human populace even escorting their ships through ruff sea's and violent storms. In Lore how ever the two have a bitter hatred and disturbing rumours of fried merfolk perminate the area. The queen of Lethross desires nothing but peace with all land dwellers and as long as she stay in power, I doubt we will ever go to war on a large scale.

This is a frustrateing fact to those who hate the land dwellers and they vent their frustration by attacking ships and becomeing sirens. All mers can become a siren if they choose, A siren is created when a mer delves into using dark and wind aether, When they sing their deadly songs their notes become infused with aether (magic) All who hear may resist at first but all will eventually be overcome their minds cast under a dumbing spell. Some of these sirens have ruthless contests to see which one can lure land dwellers better. The one who drowns the most victims wins.

In all The merclans are no different from humans doing both good and evil, makeing their mark on this world.
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