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A Kiss From Light Crimson Pt2

Published by Rem Nightfall in the blog Rem Nightfall's blog. Views: 83

The Races Pt2

The last five of the ten races.

Brains: By now you are looking for something normal, but you aren't going to get one. Brains look like little blobs of quivering goo, they have cute little black beady eyes, and they make cute little noises. But these creatures cute translucent bodies of goo are not to be trusted.
In combat: Stay away from the walls and the floor these creatures are able to wedge through even the tiniest place. Where do they like to nest? They like to crawl into your ear and wiggle into your head. At first you may feel normal, your body will suddenly and violently go against you, and you'll die of a splitting headache. These blobs of goo eat your brain from the inside out.

Wall Walkers:
They look like you and me. Well not human, but they look like the friend behind you. They are big and black with no face or eyes. They aren't just called Wall Walkers for no reason though. They are almost like shadows on the walls. They like to play games with the shadows and they like to play around with the corridors.
And when they come off the walls, they are fully formed beings. They have no eyes just this hallow black mass.
In combat:They can come off the walls, but that kind of combat isn't their specialty their specialty is to bring you in the wall and rip you into pieces. The only memory left of you is your imprinted being ripped into pieces as a permanent shadow. They also can moves corridors around for you to go around and around in circles until they find it best to eat you up.

Generals: Think big and muscular. These are the bigger and stronger cousins to the Colonel. These guys are not happy and won't play around. They have six arms to impale you into the walls, they have eyes on their abdomen, back, and face, and their face is the most alien shape meaning its unclear if this shape even exist. They are capable of human speech or a little bit of it, but it generally sounds like deep hissing sound. Their mouths are lined with a ton of razor sharp teeth, their nails are tougher then diamonds. And their skin is much tougher as well.
In combat: They are relatively slow, but that doesn't make them easy to kill. Their nails will rip your flesh into shreds and their teeth will take a good hunk of your meat off. They are known for being able to pick up six different people and hurl them into the ground. These guys are angry and powerful. And if you anger them real well they may just smack you into the wall and all that will be left is your splatter.

Fuzzies:These guys sound like something you could cuddle. And if you could see them properly then you probably would want to hug them.
They are small and black with fuzzy fur on them.
In combat: This is the most dangerous of them all because they are microscopic. They live in your water or anything you eat. Though you may not know it. They are a parasite and with all parasite ingestion can cause harm.
But unlike a parasite this ingestion causes immediate death.
Once they enter your body the fuzzy come together and go through a massive growth spurt. Their fur turns much hard and they grow a bunch of puncturing spikes. Though these spikes are not poisonous there is no need, once they expand well enough they force their spikes out and pierce your body from the inside out.
The worse thing is that you have to sacrifice not eating or the run in with these creatures every time you eat or drink cause these parasites don't die when they are boiled in water, they reanimate.

Eaters: Gluttons for candy, you. These guys are the ugliest aliens. They look weird with thin wiry backs, but large over grown stomachs, like a potbelly gone terrible wrong. They have large rounds heads and weird wavy legs. Some theorize the main body of the one supplying the eater is a wiggle alien. The eater is the strange potbelly gone wrong. Another nasty parasite, its round, nasty, and it takes over its host body. Its the color of a blackhead when you look at it.
In combat:Eaters do what their names says they do. They eat you. The eaters are very clever and even though they have no mouth or any indication of a brain, they are pretty clever at mimicking voices. There is a theory it may be the Wiggle body that may actually be doing the voice.
Once you are near enough the weird round object opens a mouth with a circle of teeth and drags you in with its black tongue.
Beware of the eater.
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