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A Little Bliss =) on a WONDEROUS WEDNESDAY

Published by Kersti in the blog Why are you here now?. Views: 69

SOO, here is some bliss in my day today. It reads like a diary entry, mayhaps a bit nonsensical, straight from my cranium, not an edited piece of prose...and I know this


I woke up at 6:30 as usual and opened all of the blinds in the appartment so it was ready for the sunshine.

Somehow, I knew it was coming out to be grandious and beautiful at one point today. It was so dreary heading outta math class this morning. THEN I was indoors practicing violin after math, and the transition between buildings was still dreary and foggy out. I came outta there to go to a peace corps meeting and eat a lil' lunch and THERE it was. I smelled the brisk, October air the same way it's smelled since I was little and livin' in Spokane, with the plus of a little sea-salt smell which made me SO excited to remember that I'm by the OCEAN!

That sunshine made me feel like a dog getting pet, like "Everything's going to be OK," while at the same time it energized me.

AND on a side note, my roomie left the simplist "hope your day is as amazing as you are" note on the fridge, which I read fresh from the sheets. That's when I decided that it would, in fact be an amazing day! And I'm sticking to my guns all day LONG. It's 2:11 now, and I'm studying for a philosophy midterm which does NOT whomp on this fabulous, fresh, original day.

I'm pumped!

OH: AND later, I get to see a free string quartet concert AND it counts as part of a grade!! OH MY GAWWW

Dear today, I love you no matter what.

I'm pumped.
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