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A Religious Moment or just Memory Lane Time?

Published by Link the Writer in the blog My First Internet Blog. Views: 89

This Easter was the most interesting Easter in my life. It would be the first Easter I spent NOT going to church after I left last September, resigning my position as an usher.

Leaving church was the pinnical of what was a slow, gradual withdrawal of myself and God. I didn't feel connected with Him anymore.

But this Easter, something happened. This Easter, as I was flipping the channels, I saw a channel where they were having Mass in the Vatican. Deciding that there was nothing else on, I settled down to watch this for a while. After hearing a wonderful Middle-Eastern man's singing voice and a few Bible readings, I thought it'd be cool to take part in it, so I took my bible and tried to follow...only to realize I was reading my EPISCOPALIAN Bible and not the Catholic Bible. I know, how did I miss that? XD

Deciding to ignore the channel, I decided to study the little book in my hands and I remembered the old times, when I went to church. I remember how I used to love reading the Exodus and swore one day I'd read Moses' adventure to completion (I thought it was a cool story about an old man performing magic tricks with a staff. Hey, I was little! :p) The days of ushering...It all came flowing back to me and suddenly, I felt something in me. It almost felt like a yearning to go back to the old days. I wanted to go back to church, to walk the hallways again.

Even now, as I sit in a chair and my bible sits in a shelf across from me, I look at it with a new sense of wonder.

If that were not interesting enough, a good friend of mine gave me an Easter present. It was a book called "Letters from a Skeptic" which are letters sent back and forth between a Christian son and a skeptical father.

So, what do I make of it? I dunno. It could be possible that for a moment, I felt God telling me to come back. It could also mean that I just got sentimental from holding the bible in my hand.

I'm interested in hearing your opinions. :)
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