A Retelling

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The heaven's cried on this day.
"It's time to go."

"Father, don't say that. I can't leave. I'm not ready..."

Everyone's got their depictions on God and the origins, purpose and history of Jesus so I figured I might as well have my own. No, it's not written in a book and no, I'm not telling you that it's true. I'm just saying what if. And perhaps, this is sacrilegious and offensive to Christians, Jews, Muslims and the like, and if so, I ask for forgiveness. And if you not will not permit me such a thing, I will still have written these sentences.

Call this a short story for that's all that it is--an idea.

"Look at him Father. He's so lonely and he doesn't even know it. Wouldn't it be wonderful to show him the touch of a woman. The love for another being so akin and yet so different to him?"

"Look at them Father so happy amidst the garden and yet. The two of us know this not to be true happiness. After all, they don't know sadness. This is ignorance. The most atrocious of sins and yet the one no one can help. For without knowledge of there being, how can one pursue that which lies beyond being itself? We must remove him from this facade. We must give him choice."

"I have a solution..."

"Look at them Father. Look at what happened. No one smiles on this day. Not even our fallen brother."

"He made a choice Son. He paid for it's consequences. There is no shame in that. You reach toward the fire and you get burned. The wise man learn to never reach again."

"But what of the foolish?"

"They keep reaching."

"Look at them Father. Their actions, their choices and their ideas. They're all so twisted and demented. Some seek your love, some inner peace and others the mere pleasures of life. They want this with all their soul and yet cannot achieve it. Distracted, repressed and depressed by meaningless stress and goals that think logical. Hitting and reaching goals set so low and then calling them their best. Something has to be done..."

"Look at them Father. What have we done? No one smiles. The Heaven's are crying. Hell is crying."

"We all are crying."

"Look at them Father. A second chance to make things right and this time We won't interfere. Never again shall We destroy. Never..."

"Look at them Father. They were once great. Once a proud people, but now... They've believed to outgrown their skin. They think they're bigger than they really are. Afflicted to believe they know too much. When really, they know too little. What can we do? Something Father, anything!"

"I'm leaving."


"Choice Father, choice."

"Once You do this, You can never come back."

"I know father... I know."

The Heaven's wept on this day.

"Look at him. So brave, so foolish. That which has been made imperfect, can never be perfect again for perfection is something they cannot understand. They won't accept it, but if imperfection is something We were aware of and something We loathed... Then why did they send Me here? What was to be gained?"

"Father, forgive them. For they know not what they do."

"My son... Even in the beginning, they never did..."

"Where am I?"


"How long will I be here? Say something!"

"As long as you need be."




"I've returned father."

The Heaven's wept on this night.

"What's wrong?"

"Weep now son for the end has begun. For you have transcended perfection, and brought into heaven...sin."

Two nights more the Heaven's wept.

"Do You have time?"

"Can I own nothing?"

They laughed.

"Why father? Why did you give them hope? What if I..."

"Without it they're doomed. Without purpose We all are. However, with one they will dare to try. They will dare to pursue."

"They will dare to reach. What is wrong with you?!"


"That agressive look in your eyes son. It was not here time ago."

The heavens wept three nights more.

"Father... look at them..."

Heavens wept.

"It's time to go."

"Father, don't say that. I can't leave. I'm not ready..."

"Choice, my son--choice."

"Where am I going?"


The heaven's wept on this day.​
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