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A Secret Between Two...

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 105

I guess there's two types of secrets you would have; your own and someone else's. At least in my case, when the subject of that secret arises in conversation, there is always an urge to tell if it is someone else's, whether negative or positive. There's almost a giddy joy in it that you have to restrain yourself from letting slip. But if it is a subject edging close to your own secrets, you only want to let slip if it is something that would reflect positively on you. Negative secrets make you drawn in and paranoid or shifty and uncomfortable like your insides are trying to pick up and run away.

Seeing as though other peoples secrets are so tempting to let go, for whatever reason, it's probably safe to say that a secret between two is one to many. And that one being anyone. ANYONE. Why? Because you can control yourself, but you can't control the world around you.
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