A story told by a Road - Part I

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A Road

This story is told by A Road who has been leaning at one place from years and years back…
“I’m a road.. well my name is Road so you all don’t laugh when I say I’m a road..The government has given names to my brother roads of some famous people and they are lucky to have a name..but my name is unknown like stories taking place on me and across me..and that’s why by default my name comes as ‘Road’.. hey hey I’m using first letter capital in my name because the same I’ve heard from two little children who were talking to each other about their English subject.
Those two little were standing on one side of me waiting for their school bus to come..One said that “English teacher has cut my one mark because I forgot to write the first letter of my name in letter writing as capital”. The other child said “Don’t worry.. take care in next exam.. well my mom is not even happy with my results..she said how did I dare to get only 90% of marks in the exam?“…The first child wondered..because he was an average student of only 50 marks…and even I wondered..why do parents expect so much from their children..can’t they let them grow fruitfully like trees grown on sides of me??? Their bus arrived soon and they went away with their own little problems….

When I was just wondering about the little children…suddenly a car dashed in a scooter on me..and broke my lined up thoughts.. These two men started quarreling on whose fault they dashed.. traffic jammed with lots of horn sounds..But then suddenly an old woman came in between and said “Sorry my Children but it was my mistake I was just crossing the road and my old feet did not support me to run at the other side of road..but you children did not notice me..I think you both are just busy in finding eachothers faults..” The two men then didn’t say anything and went away..taking care of their vehicles..Then the young girl with the Old lady asked “Grandma you’ve taught me to speak truth and why did you say false to the two men…you were not crossing the road?” The old lady laughed and said ”See my princess..when false told for the betterment is never wasted ..those two foolish fellows jammed the traffic with endless fight for the truth that they were dashed.and after the false I told.. they went away calmly and traffic is not jammed any more..”The girl said “But grandma why did they believe you..can’t they see that you were not crossing the road??” and again the old lady smiled ”My dear.you need to learn a lot in life…They believed me because they became blind for some time in proving there point..” The young girl even wondered..and the lady started walking with her old steps..and the girl followed her experienced grandma actively..

The story continues tomorrow…
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