A subject most of you won't understand

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It is about, love, marriage, motherhood, life and leaving.
It is called Empty Nest Syndrome.
Every one who has ever been a mother suffers from it in some form or other.
I think I have a major case of it this year.
I miss my sons and their families.
I miss the joy of talking to them about their plans for the future the memories of their childhoods. I even miss the confessions of the silly bad things they did.
I miss their telling me how they helped an older person open a door at the mall, how they smiled at an old man and he smiled back in surprise. I miss the looks on their faces when a small child would come running up to them to ask them to play even though they were in their teens.
They never seemed to care that it wasn't cool or the done thing to be nice and polite to others. They just did what they thought was right and proper.
I miss them sneaking up behind me scaring the wits out of me and giving me a hug.
I even miss them standing taller than me patiently letting me scold them all the while counting the white hairs they had given me over the years.
I miss teasing them in the car playing kids tapes when they were too old to be listening to them. Or singing the tv commercial ditties I grew up listening to.
The phone is wonderful, the computer and web cams are even better.
But what I miss most is just having them here to hug and talk to.
Like I said every mother goes through this.
We are proud, that we raised such wonderful people and they are raising their own wonderful people. We just wish they could be closer than a phone call away.
I need the physical touch not the virtual one.
If your mother is near you give her a hug.
If she is far away give her a call.
Believe me she will be surprised and thankful that you are so thoughtful.
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