A very busy month!

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This month has quickly become a very busy month for my family and I. With Dan's novel, Samhane, due out any day now with Voodoo Press and Stygian, he's been busy, busy with a world blog tour.

He started off visiting The Ginger Nuts of Horror blog, then over to Sarah Masters blog, all the details are here - http://networkedblogs.com/9Tf1a

Anyways, not only have we had all that going on, but I've been busy, busy around the house in preparation for Dan's parents arrival on the 20th! I can't wait.

Yesterday we got the swing set sorted out, and we also put up a fence around our back patio for Tobin, as he'll be walking soon, so we wanted a safe and enclosed area for him to play in outside.

Next is the bedrooms... I've begun with Amity's, getting rid of 90% of the things in her room, then onto Mason's and finally Tobin's. I also have the shed to do. I know the kids will be upset losing a lot of their old toys, but once they realise that their toys are going to be going to other children who have none, they will quickly get over it and be happy with what I've done. They are very giving children and love helping out others in need.

Well, I'm procrastinating once again, avoiding getting stuck into the hard work of getting rid of belongings once again. hehe! Sorry I'm not around to do the job I'm meant to as a reviewer, but as you can see, with Marketing for Dan and preparing for his parents arrival, and making our yard safe for the kids and snake free, I've become a very busy woman and will be for the next month at least.

Hopefully I'll be back in full swing and doing my job here once again!
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