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I'm getting kicked out of my house. I told my parents i wanted a job because i don't want to live there my entire life (i'm 18). they told me they don't agree, they think it's (get this) UNGODLY to move out until you're married. so they said if i got the job they would take my paycheck and put it in another account, i wouldn't be able to touch it. I told them i was an adult, and could handle my own money... and that's when my dad began to yell that i "Get out of his house right now".
Mind you, i've had no problems managing the money i already have, and i have no drug, alcohol, or sex related issues. I'm in college, a sophomore to be exact, and i really think they're crazy. I don't WANT to stay there now... but idk what in the world to do...
ON a good note, there is a place interested in hiring me... hopefully it will work out.
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