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ACT anxiety and other random thoughts

Published by midnightphantom in the blog midnightphantom's blog. Views: 117

The dreaded ACT's are comming up for me. T.T I get sometimes get test anxiety and so i'm trying really hard and reviewing constantly online. I think i've also destroyed five sheets of paper for just one math portion of the test. So when i take the diffrent parts of their test, they wont show me the scores UNTIL i finish the whole thing. So i just finished the math practice portion, but i wont be able to see my score until the rest of the test is complete. Sigh lol. At least it was a nice day out, and i could go outside and get a break from the constant snow. I hate snow...a lot. But that's another matter. Oh if any of you've seen Sweeny Todd, encourage others to see it. It was a really good movie!
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