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All i want to do is ruin their lives...

Published by soujiroseta in the blog Souji's Time Spent NOT Procrastinating. Views: 95

Last night as i was trying to avoid procrastination i finally managed to begin work on a new project and i created two protagonists for it. They're a strange pair of twin who i've already come to love. I can already feel how their actions and personalities will change and shape the way the story ends up. I've never had this kind of feeling before. As i was writing what will be the first of many normal days in their lives i feel like all i want to do is ruin their lives.
The story itself is a series of quite disastrous and emotionally wrenching experiences and i just can't wait to drag them out of their comfort zone and into despair. I don't know whether this is a normal thing to want to do to your characters and i am actually shocked by the sadistic plans i have for the poor twins. :cool:
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