Along The Way

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The morning light is mellow as it struggles to break through the surrounding clouds. Light has given voice to the trees and last remaining flowers. There is a feeling of change and weathered leaves seem to echo this fact. My, how fast the Summer has gone.

Last year I was in a place I truly loved, a place that gave inspiration to my creativity. This can't be said of where I am today. So why did I come back here? Was it worth the cost I seem to have paid? In a word, "No". This is how lessons are learned. There is no sense in regretting decisions already made. I have made them, and good or bad, right or wrong, I must be true to those roads I chose to travel.

The journey of life can be an arduous one, it leads you down so many places. Should I take this turn or perhaps, wait for the next one up ahead? Each road leads to another and then another and before you know it you have lived out the time given you. It is important to remember, it isn't always the choices we make which define our lives, but how well we handled the bumps and wrong turns.

Today, as new light reveals the promise of a new day, I am faced with another choice in the road. This one is tricky as it could alter everything I know. Carefully I weigh it out, all the while time is moving against me. Stepping in the right direction is crucial to my future.
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