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Alphabet Party

Published by Castlesofsand in the blog My first ever Blog Bog. Views: 17

*just a bit of fun for the mind*

A B flew through the window.

‘C DE F’in sun? G it’s so bright,’ B buzzed.

‘HI B. J and K took the L here and will arrive late I fear. Go join the others if you wish,’ I told him.

Anyone but M would have turned back that offer but NO had to P.

‘I's got a Q for you?’ U asked before heading out. ‘R STU and V there? And what about VV?'

'V's joined twins?'

‘Hey X-nay on the Twinsay,’ U warned him.

‘Y,’ D countered.

‘Cause I said so,'

'U all are so boring,' said D.

Zzzzz and her lower cases sentenced the lot of them.
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  • Castlesofsand
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