American Psycho... I am disappoint

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I bought the book for a dollar at a second-hand shop, and have been excited about reading it for a while now and finally got started a couple of days ago. So I'm not that far into it yet. I'm on page 92, chapter “Deck Chairs” to be exact.

So, to quote the soon-to-be-annoying meme, I am disappoint. First of all, every conversation he has with his “male” friends are more gay than the entire Queer Eye cast combined. Not that I have a problem with gay guys (in fact, I think most of them are awesome), but straight guys having an argument about whether your socks should match your shoes or your pants, are douchebags. End of story. (Anyone having a serious argument about this are douchebags btw...)

Second, the listing what everyone is wearing is getting boring. At least be quicker about it. Because of that I also can't help but draw comparisons between Bateman and Becky Bloomwood (Confessions of a Shopaholic). And I must add, Sophie Kinsella did the listing of clothing a lot better.

What bothers me even more is the huge amount of random seemingly unimportant characters. So many are introduced at once, and in an disorderly fashion, and he's with different people every time, and he mistakes people for other people, and then they argue about who they are, and then someone I thought was a close friend earlier in the book didn't recognize him later, but I might be confusing him with someone else. Everyone also sound pretty much the same. All the girls are exactly alike. Not a single guy stops talking about fashion, restaurants and talk-shows to mention last nights game. He uses the word “hardbody” far too often, and it's getting annoying. It also doesn't sound like a word so many people would be using on a regular basis, but they are... is it a normal word? I've never heard it before I read this book.

On a side note, the writing isn't that great either. Confusing and some sentences are really awkward. These small little things hinting at bloody murder and that the book is relatively easy to read, awkward sentences aside, is the only thing keeping me interested, and the only thing I can imagine kept other people interested before the events of the book became common knowledge.

Anyway... as said, I'm not that far into the book so maybe all these things will make sense to me later. Must say, can't wait for all the murders. And no one ruin anything for me. I haven't even seen the movie.
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