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Kyla was the type of person who rather than having lots of friends, had a few very close friends. And strangely, they were all separated into little groups, usually of threes.

The oldest trio was of Kyla, Maggie and Rachelle. They were all the same age and had met in the first two years of school. This was a friendship of children; play-dates and birthday parties, sleepovers and school outings. As they grew up each slowly became their own person. Rachelle was the sporty girl not just because she loved sports, but mostly because she was an amazing player on any team. Maggie was very shy when they first met, but as the years past she grew into one of the most self-confident and poised women Kyla had ever met. Rachelle moved and went to a different school. Maggie changed classes and attended a different high-school. Kyla seemed to simply stay in the same place she’d always been. Sometimes they wouldn’t see each other for years at a time. Yet when they met up next it was as if nothing had changed. They friendship was able to last through it all.

Next was the trio of Kyla, Maggie and Emma. Emma was a year younger than Maggie and Kyla and yet she often seemed to be the most mature of the group. Each was unique, but they all had something in common; Maggie and Emma both played the piano; Kyla and Maggie both played sports; Emma and Kyla were both in French Emmersion. They could all relate to the others and still feel as though they were each unique.

High-school came and with it a new group, only this one started out as a trio and then grew to be a quartet. Kyla, Chelsea and Danah were all the same age and in the same classes. They quickly became fast friends in grade nine. It was in grade ten however, that Kyla introduced a new friend to the group: Julie. Julie was a year younger, but she fit in immediately. The best part about this friendship was its diversity. Each person was utterly unique from the others. Chelsea was an environmentalist to her fingertips. She was smart and hilarious and feisty as all get out. Danah was the adventuress. She wanted to jump out of planes and climb the highest mountains, but most importantly she wanted to see the world. Whatever the circumstances, Danah had a “world’s greatest plan” to make everyday count. Julie was the theater lover. She didn’t want to be on the stage. Julie wanted to be back-stage. She was involved in lighting and sound; she moved sets and painted scenery. No matter what it took Julie was there to make it all come together. Kyla was the chatterbox wannabe writer of the group. She liked to think of herself as the sensible one and yet she often got caught up with the enthusiasm of the others. Her part was to document every crazy moment of their odd little group.

Lastly, there was university. Kyla struggled to find her place among the throngs. She felt disconnected and often alone. She floundered without her old support groups. Then she found two friends: Hannah and Teresa. As she tried to find her place in the world, Teresa and Hannah were there fighting by her side, trying to figure out the same thing. Hannah was a seething mass of contradictions. She was driven and yet lacked direction. She could pick up a new hobby and excel at in a week. The next week though she would tire of it and move on to something else. Ultimately she seemed like a being of immerse energy. Teresa on the other hand was someone who was both sweet-hearted and strong. She was forever underestimating herself. She would go to any lengths for her family and friends. She had the strength to always stand by those she loved even when they let her down. Together Hannah and Teresa helped Kyla through some of the hardest times of her life.

Looking back, Kyla realized just how lucky she was to have the friends she did. Each was so different and their lives had led them into sometimes completely opposite directions, but they were forever there for her. She knew that no matter when and no matter where, she could call each one up and they would move heaven and earth to be by her side. One day Kyla sat down and tried to write a story about how much they each meant to her. This is that story.

To all of my friends, thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. I love you all and forever.
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