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An Afternoon with Ezekiel

Published by Three in the blog Three's blog. Views: 141

"You've never played a videogame?"
"Well, I played Pong once or twice in the early eighties." Ezekiel replied thoughtfully.
I raised my eyebrows. "So you've never played a videogame."
He shrugged.
"How do you live?" I cried.
"I don't." He replied curtly. "I believe we've been over this."
I sat on the bed. "I meant metaphorically."
"I do not, nor have I ever had a desire to play one of your videogames. You may continue playing with your little toys, while I find other ways of entertaining myself." He waved me away. "Trust me, I will survive."
"You sound just like my mother."
He scowled. "Show me this game."
I switched on the console, and started up God Of War. "We could start with a kiddie game, but I figured this would be more to your taste."
He watched the opening cinematic without a sound, and when it was over, he continued to watch the main character being attacked by zombies.
Puzzled, he asked "Why is he doing nothing?"
"Now is when you play."
"Ah." He picked up the controller awkwardly.
"Just mash square."
"I'm sorry?"
"Press it repeatedly."
He proceeded to do so, and was extremely satisfied with the result.
"Try pressing circle." I suggested.
He looked down at the controller and followed my advice, then watched the screen in silence. "Did that little man just tear that creature in half?"
"Why yes Zeke,” I grinned. “Yes he did."
"How marvelous!"
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