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An idea that I could get hate for...

Published by ChaosReigns in the blog A Writer's Illusion.. Views: 259

You see, I rarely like to make a fuss, especially with my writing, because it normally doesn't have any tones subversion. but I find myself in a dilemma, with this idea that i've spoke about a bit on here.

The title is Harvest: The Devil's orchard and the general premise is that it's about a group of demons, called the Oculus in Infernum, who are planning an attack on the gods, headed up by what effectively is the ruling male line.

Lucifer is the head, effectively the devil himself, with Oriax and Zai (whose full name is Zagan) being son and grandson respectively, helping face up this attack.

You see thing thing is, I love this idea, but I feel that if I share it once completed (which I want to do so badly) I will regret making that decision, as I feel there will be people who take what i've done totally the wrong way and not as the creative piece that takes a look at the idea of "what if it's actually the bad guys who are right" and how i've taken the portrayal.

I will share an excerpt (the first three paragraphs) from what i've written up thus far below.

Zai walked through the Orchard, masses of gravestones laid on the ground, making the Orchard a conflicting scene, much like his thoughts. "This is tradition," he whispered to himself, thinking of his ancestors. Three years after their deaths, their bodies were exhumed and moved to this place, the Devil’s Orchard. He looked round the orchard; the blackened bark was a stark contrast to the brightness of the day, the green leaves, and the blood-red apples that hung from the trees.

The wind that whispered through the trees left voices of his past in his ears, his heritage coming alive within the realms of his own psyche. His life was one he crashed into, and one he suspected that he would equally crash out of in the most inelegant of ways. “This is all just a dream” he tries to tell himself, knowing that really it was not. Reaching his hand up to his head, he felt the familiar hardness of his horns curling over his head, hair following their curve to a curl at the base of his neck.

“Still reality Zai, pull yourself together.” He commented, walking to the nearest tree and scaling it swiftly. He sat near the top, plucking one of the apples and eating it. the green leaves filtered the sunlight as he notices the mark of his group, the Oculus, darkening. Sighing, knowing that his leader, Lucifer was in need of him, he climbed back down the tree and walks quickly to his cabin. Seeing the darkness of the mark, he knew that it was serious and full robes were required.

Thank you for reading, i've yet to completely write this entire idea and intend to do so, and I will see from there.
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