And my annoyances/irritations continue...

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So, here's how things have gone. School, as it turns out, is actually not as time consuming as I'd planned it to be, and I still have a lot of time to work on my novel.

*cue the drum-roll* ................. I want to shoot myself in the foot!

In a turn of events, I ended up halting all new drafting on my novel, and I've instead turned my attention towards rewriting what is already available. I have a good 50k to work from, so no problem right?
So I decide to start on my favorite chapter, and rewrite it. It actually turned out better than I'd ever planned, so mark one under success! With this small victory under my belt, I decide to continue my endeavors, and voyage into another chapter. This is where everything comes to a screeching halt.

Writer's block, how I wish you would kindly pack up and get the h*** out of my head!

One of my stronger points, I feel, is writing descriptive paragraphs, specifically opening paragraphs for chapters. It's the only time I get to stop with dialogue, and let my style flow as I bring the reader up to date on what has occurred between scenes. It flows very naturally for me, except for when Writer's block gets in the way. At my current point, I'm staring at the three sentences that I've struggled to type in twenty minutes (as opposed to the usual 60 or so) and slamming my head on the desk. Woe is me, not that I'm asking for pity.

So, I have to assume it's time for another short break. Just like before when I left my draft for two weeks. Then, when I came back, I managed to type in upwards of 12k in the five days that followed. So lets hope for that! :D
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