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AnthologyBuilder Contest Winner

Published by MumblingSage in the blog MumblingSage's Writing Blog. Views: 126

"The Beacon and the Keeper" placed first in the Rising Stars category of AnthologyBuilder's match-that-artwork contest. It is available as of 12/7/09.

The villagers at the base of the Kardanions knew that they lived at the feet of the tallest mountains in Knedra. It was a matter of some pride to them. Yet the winters and the storms that struck in the foothills of the Kardanions were wretched; they couldn’t imagine anyone living any higher than themselves. When the light first appeared amid the barren rocks between the treeline and the snow, it was a disconcerting mystery.

I put together an anthology of the two winning pieces as well as some stories from the runners-up. The cover at is the work that inspiried "The Beacon and the Keeper." It's available here.
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