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Apple Tart Day...

Published by Cheeno in the blog Cheeno's blog. Views: 65

I baked my very first apple tart today. May not seem like such a big occasion in the normal run of things, but I've been wanting to bake one for years. Years! I'm a 43yr old man and have never baked anything bigger or better than a potato, much to my chagrin. Anyhow, my girlfriend, who LOVES baking and all things kitchen, suggested that I get my finger out and do what I've been pining to do since I used to sit as a child and watch my mother baking; mouth watering at the prospect of getting first taste of her apple and jam tarts. Best thing though, was how she'd use the scraps to bake a 'junior' tart, especially for me, though I often had to fight off my five jealous siblings to hold onto it. Anyway, I baked that tart today, and I'm about to head back over to my girlfriend's house to get me a slice of it, with double fresh cream. Yeah!
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