Are you ready?

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What exactly does being ready mean? Ready to write, to date, to marry, to have a child, buy a house, to die.

Does it mean you have thought it through, are prepared, have no choice, or are simply bored with your life and feel a change is due?

What happens when your venture into this new readiness results in a different outcome from what you imagined? Do you try again, persevere, or succumb to the thought that maybe you weren’t ready at all, otherwise excusing it because it’s too hard, unfamiliar, or not worth your time? Do you stay or leave? What if it’s death you are facing and there is no turning back – ready or not, here I come – completely out of your control.

Ah, control. Is that what being ready is, being in control? But that implies courage, strength of will, determination. Is that you? Is it really about you or is it about the end result, the payoff, the final destination?

Maybe it’s the journey, this road to readiness. The thought process, actions, performance, the rise and fall until the success or failure is reached.

Whatever it means you will learn. You will understand more about yourself whether what you see makes you proud or cringe. Your journey will liberate you, enlighten you, humble you, allow yourself to forgive yourself and move on to the next thing and the next, even if it shows you that you are not ready. That time. There will be a next time. Ready or not, it will come.
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