As I Prepare To Write...

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... I find my flash drive missing. Typical of me, but I know that this time, unless if I left it in a computer at school (in which case, I may as well give up now), that this simply wasn't my fault. I'll admit, I'm forgetful, but never about something that I enjoy as much as writing.

I've basically torn apart my entire room, looking for this stupid tiny piece of technology that could possibly ruin me should somebody be nosy. Why do I bother? Because, that piece of plastic and metal has on it every story idea, every concept I've ever had. I've attached a file to it in case if I lost it, asking the person to return it to me. Which is wonderful, if people were considerate enough to consider the original owner. *sigh* So, now I'm forced to send documents through e-mail, which for personal reasons I'd rather avoid. But, as the French say, C'est la vie. Note to self- attach a string to flash drive ASAP.
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