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Attempt At Psychology

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 100

A man with no morals of his own, seeing morals around him, will either attempt to invent them or shun them completely becoming either an enduring pretender, an isolated sociopath, or both in some varying mixture...

That came up when trying to explain the psyche behind that guy with the coin from "No Country for Old Men" (excluding Florida, of course). Apparently some sort of sociopath and creepiest guy in the room champion, what kind of person consistently goes around killing people on the outcome of a coin toss. It's like this guy has nothing to do- no plans, no dreams, no care whatsoever. No giving a crap, he just decides to kill people literally at the drop of a dime. He replaces his conscience with a coin.

Makes me want to take psychology...
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