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august 11 2016.

Published by Gigi_GNR in the blog Gigi_GNR's blog. Views: 89

these days it's hard to tell between being grateful for the little things and settling for little good things. if that makes sense? what i mean is: am i actually grateful for small mercies, or do i feel like i have to settle for whatever tiny shreds of good things come my way? i don't know. i feel both sometimes.

i have so many goals for the future and a lot of times it feels like i can't do them, or that they'll never come fast enough.

  • i never want to have to settle for anything ever again. never settle for the cheap thing if i can get the nice thing. never settle for discomfort if i can have comfort. never just accept bad feelings about myself, but work to change them. ideally, never to feel them again.
  • i want a place of my own. just me, just mine. filled with nice things that will last a long time.
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