B.S followed by more BS called My Own Demon

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I will begin by saying I have been as dry for word as the dirt beneath my South Texas feet has been for rain. I have taken myself to the brink of my own sanity, aching , crying, praying, begging for the waters of my creativity to flood as the Midwest U.S. But I am still without, this clouded brain of mine denies the page, and leaves it without ink to suffice the drought.

Let it pass, this ever present darkness that has shadowed my path. My own demon, a stalking reminder of my neglected faith. The thing on the bus, we locked eyes. It and I... Eye to eye. Remember old Nemesis, just as I remember this. Beneath my shelter I hid my friend~better me , better me, better me, than them. And again you return like before, when I no longer recognize your knock on my minds door. Or so you think, but old friend I know you even at the brink of my own sanity. I am correct to assume you are a fan of me? Casualties of the heart, very cunning indeed. But did it not spite me? Then I shall pluck that seed. You need not remind me of the battle you have won, like the others before, for I stand tall and unscathed and will remain victor of this war. AMEN!
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