Back in the saddle

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I've been away from this place for a while now, and I think maybe only one or two people noticed. Ah, well. Nonetheless, I decided to start working on my writing again.

In fact, I have a lot that I'm going to be writing about. Basically, it's all going to be along the same lines of what I have already been writing. I intend to use this blog as a means to ask questions and receive information and answers from the community here in regards to my writing style, my ability, and the ways that I can correct what I'm doing wrong. I'd like to be able to put together something that can be considered worth publishing one day, so I hope you don't mind if I bother everyone here with my stupidity.

Basically, what I'm writing about goes something like this:

For as long as there's been a world, there's been a war between different forces. While there are some that know about this war, very few know why the war started or what it's all about.

In recent history, an organization known as BASTION has signed a mutual peace treaty with two powerful factions of the war: The Order of Magick, who seek to keep the arcane arts from falling into the wrong hands, and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, a secret government organization that has been trying to limit supernatural attacks within the country.

To this end, BASTION, with support from The Order, has developed a registration system for all who participate in the war. While it does not limit their ability to operate as they see fit, it does allow BASTION a degree of influence in all aspects of the war. In order to enforce their will, BASTION will occasionally hire Hunters. Hunters function like any other mercenary group, and they specialize in the supernatural and occult nature of their targets.

One group that BASTION has no influence over are the Warrior Priests, an organization that takes their position on the war from their predecessors, the Knights Templar. They operate out of a branch of the Vatican known as the Church of Saint Michael's Sword. They remain one of the few wild cards in maintaining order in the war.

In the events of the stories that I intend to write, I'm presenting a chain of events that leads to the war's end. There's quite a few stories involved in that, and those aren't all the stories that I have made up on this material. These just set up a timeline where I can find a place for the rest.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts.
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