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I feel like I've gone on a really crap vacation. You know; you're away from work, so it should be fun or at least relaxing, but it was stressful and when you get back you find that things are backed up and now you have to work harder than before.

Anyway, I'm not sure where the time went. I didn't plan to neglect my writing, it just somehow happened.

My last post here had me at 39 pages behind. I was gone for 11 days. 11x2=22. But I did get one page typed yesterday and two today, so 19. 39+19=58. Sheesh, 58 pages behind.

I've decided to start writing in the mornings. I used to exercise in the morning, but injuries have curtailed my usual routines, so I've been walking or doing a little light circuit training with a coworker. As a result of that, my evenings are crammed. I'm not certain how well this morning thing will go; it's one thing to get up early and do something physical, but to actually have to think? Well, so far I've managed one page and two. Tomorrow morning doesn't look promising; I'm already late getting to bed, thanks to my daughter's dilatory dish washing methods.
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