Baconfest 2009

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Whenever someone asks me a question, and I either don't know the answer, or I want to be funny and I don't care, I always answer the same way... I tilt my head to the right, stare blankly and vaguely into nowhere, come about and reply "Bacon?"

Last night I wrote a short story, posted in the horror short stories section.

Anywho, wrote that based on an idea I had laying around about an invisable demon. I set it in a local area for me, although I've gotten criticism from people I like to call 'idiots' in the past for doing just that. Why do some people have an issue with using a setting your intimately familiar with? If you wrote a story set in London, wouldn't it bring more credability to the thing if you were from London to begin with? That's one reason I like this forum, verses so many others on the internet, it's not full of idiots. Anywho, I set the setting in Big Bear City, which if you're from Southern California then you might know where that is, but it worked really well based on some personal knowledge of the region I added to the story, and the fact that the story was set in the year 1902, and ties some history and local urban legends in with the whole thing.

More fun stuff: About to start the final edit (5th edit so far) on my fantasy novel. I've gone through the Writer's Market and found about forty possible literary agents I could submit to, so next week I'll pick a couple and send out some submission packages if I get this whole shindig up and finished by then.

Lastly, I have brownies with peanut butter on them for dessert. So overall an awesome series of days.
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