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Been away for a bit...

Published by BritInFrance in the blog BritInFrance's blog. Views: 283

I took a break from writingforums.org, because I thought I was spending too much time reading about writing and not enough time doing it.

Turns out it wasn't the forum's fault (duh!). I didn't write very much in the three month I was away (I did read a fair amount though).

Then KaTrian wrote a review of one of my stories.

It was a good review and made me come back to the fold.

One of the things that I learnt about myself in the last few months is I can't write if I plan the story. That is why I can write short stories, because they are new: they surprise me.

To return the favour I read and reviewed KaTrian and K.Trian's work.

It inspired me.

It made me think of a science fiction project I had planned three years ago. I started it and abandoned it. It sucked, to be honest with you.

I went back to this project with a new angle, and started writing. I set myself a target of 1000 words a day. I have averaged more (nearer 1300).

The only rule is I don't plan. I just react to the last thing I wrote. I learnt a lot from the RPG section of this forum - thanks!

Writing, for me, is a hobby, not a career. So, I am going to serialise my new work on the web (for free)..

Here is a summary of my new project:

The Starviator: a massive space vessel, carrying the human debris of Colony 4 (some two million civilians), following the destruction of Myon City and the subsequent Purge.

Kyle Graham has got his hands full. People are going missing, violent acts and murders are on the increase. The people he works for might be running the gangs, the pimps and the drugs.

But Kyle has his own dark secret, a secret that is tearing apart his marriage and ruining his relationship with his young son.

Against Kyle’s wishes, a new detective sergeant, Matilde Bousseol, recently decommissioned from the Military, is assigned to the team.

And while we’re on the subject: what is with the Military? Are they there to protect the Ship and it’s people?

Or is their mission a more sinister one?
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