Being in love...

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Is beautiful.

He is beautiful.

..and he makes ME feel beautiful.

Nobody has ever managed that before. I mean sure, people have said things like that...but this is different. He makes me feel...desired. When he tells me he loves me, I actually believe him. I believe that he thinks i'm beautiful.

To quotea very nice song - he's my 'part time lover and full time friend'.

The best friend ive ever had. But he's more than that now, and i love him to death. I really do matty. It feels like half of me is missing when you leave me. Though you never leave me, do you? Somehow, I feel you're always with me, and I know you feel the same.


You know, even when he's down, or angry; he's always got time for someone else. Always. He's my beautiful, bright ray of sunshine.
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