Dalouise Feb 28, 2009
I used to work for the Law Society, at the London HQ but in those days they didn't sell anything.
I'm with you on the skinflint thing, though - and my aunt and uncle are from Yorkshire - so maybe there's something inherited. However, having been dumped from a top exectutive career to the dole by a few in comprehensible words from a pompous HR person, I am now on the dole and I am having to be tight just to keep going. When you are first unemployed, life goes on pretty much as normal for a while and the money seems to last. As the months go on though, you realise that you need new clothes or shoes or some other periodic purchase and suddenly it's not funny any more. One week I had to choose between a pair of slippers or a pair of wellies.
Twenty two months down the line, I could write a book on how to live on nothing. I just keep thinking that if I ever had a job again, I would save a fortune!:D