Betrayal Chapter 15 snippet 1

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Slipping quietly through the night, he was sure no one had seen him. Why couldn’t she live somewhere less obtrusive then this, he asked himself as he moved across the dark street. She had no idea, of course, how much of a risk to his own life he was taking to come see her either, which was surprising to him in the least. Looking both ways to make sure he wasn’t followed, he stepped into the building.

The bright lights inside made him squint, his eyes having grown accustomed to the darkness. Closing them for a second, he waited for them to adjust to the light. Once he knew they had adjusted, he opened them up and stepped into the waiting lift. Once he selected his floor, he leaned back against the wall and waited.

When the doors slid aside, he stepped out into the hallway beyond. Even though it had been over a year since he had been here, he still remembered where to go. Like there ever was much chance of forgetting, he told himself. Just like everything she touched, the woman he was heading to see was totally unforgettable.

Stopping before the door to her apartment, he pulled out his sonic screwdriver. He quickly set it for the right job and applied it to the lock on her door. With a barely audible sound, the door unlocked and he pushed it aside.

The first thing he heard when he stepped into her apartment was the sound of a shower running. No doubt she was enjoying another one of her long, hot showers, he thought. He hated to interrupt her taking it, but time was of the essence for this trip.

He stepped toward the running shower.


The clouds of steam surrounded her body, caressing it, as she felt the hot water on her bare skin. Luxuriating in it, twisting around like a cat, Kate felt the tension in her body leaving. A sigh a pleasure escaped her lips as she ran the soap over her body, the hot, moist air filling her with peace.

Looking up at her kimber on a shelf, she smiled to herself as she drenched her hair. There was no way that she was going to let her guard down now, not with Johansson controlling Intelligence. They could try to assassinate her, she thought, but they would have a surprise waiting for them if they tried!

Lathering up the shampoo in her hair, a smile of guilty pleasure crossed her lips. After her escape from Necko, learning all the things that women on the civilized worlds had taken her time; however, she had picked it up quickly and found the things she loved. There was nothing like a sweet-smelling shampoo in your hair, she thought as the lather’s aroma reached her nose.

With a sigh of loss, she leaned back and let the water run through her hair. The steaming water ran through her bangs and down the top and bottom of her tresses. Running her fingers down her hair to keep it from tangling, Kate felt the smooth feel of her mane.

She stepped forward out of the water, shaking her hair behind her. A sound reached her from beyond the shower curtain; no one was expected for another hour. A hand whipped up and grabbed the pistol off the shelf as she stepped towards the shower curtain. They weren’t wasting time in trying to eliminate her, she mused.

Reaching for the curtain, she was thankful that she had picked a dark color. No one would be able to see her grabbing her pistol, which would give her an advantage over anyone targeting her. They would be expecting someone unarmed, she thought, and instead they’re going to get someone with a pistol.

She ripped the curtain open with a roar, her pistol leading the way. Nothing could have prepared her for who she saw, and she fought the urge to keep her jaw from dropping. How many times had she told him to warn her before arriving?

Damn it, she cursed mentally, do all men have death wishes or are they just plain stupid?

“I thought I told you not to sneak in,
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