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So a day and 2 Red Dogs later, I'm feeling a tad better but a lot more frustrated. I spoke to a coworker's dad (who is a cop) and he told me that in the state of TX if my stuff's there, I legally reside there. I'm gona call a womans' shelter tomorrow and ask them for sure but the cop (2 cops now, actually) have told me that I have every right to go in and get my stuff. I can't get ahold of my ex (unconditional love...pft) in order to obtain my belongings but I've decided that since he destroyed my only picture of my deceased father, my candle collection, and my phone, I'm pressing charges against him for the bruise he put on my arm about 5 or 6 days ago while trying to physcally force me out of my own home. (I don't care if I'm on the lease or not; that's wrong) I have my work uniform, my toothbrush, and my purse. That's it. I can't help but be more angry than I've ever been at anyone in my life, which I don't understand because I've never loved anyone that much. (Still, as bad as that is...) I've got my family of friends, coworkers, and my 2 cats (which hopefully I'll have back tomorrow, ensuing no violence takes place again) for support. I'll feel better when I have my baby kitties and my belongings, assuming he hasn't destroyed them all. Ya know, I've always tried to be a good person and pray for others and wish well even in anger but I fear the more I go through, the more bitter I become.
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