Blizzard Annual Writing Contest-Phase 1

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Blizzard Entertainment, famed producer of the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo franchises, has announced their second annual writing competition. The grand prize includes a round trip flight to their headquarters in southern California to have a dinner with the Blizzard creative writing team, including fantasy powerhouse Chris Metzen.
You may note that I listed this blog as phase one. That is because winning this contest is phase one in my scheme to take over the hearts and minds of readers everywhere, and become a professional writer. Meeting these people would help get my foot in the door. The hard part about succeeding in writing isn't having talent, it's knowing people who will publish your talent. Less than 10% of writers succeed in this career field. 10%. This is an annual contest, so I have no fear if I lose this year. (and i'm confident I will) Next year however, I will be prepared. Next year I will win, and make some contacts with people who have been writing about elves and dwarves before they were in style. This is sort of my Preemptive strike. It's kind of like when you get a business card, and you stash it in your glove compartment in case you need it later. I intend to enter every year they run it, and I hope to win it at least twice. That is Phase one of my plan to achieving my dreams.
As of now you may be curious as to what the other phases are. Or you don't care whatsoever and I'm going to tell you anyway.
Phase1-Blizz Contest
Phase2-finish producing my animated movie
phase3-post short films and my movie on youtube
phase4-Go to academy of art university under their filmmaking program
phase5-publish my WIP novel while in college
phase6-Get an internship at Pixar
phase7-Hopefully someone will realize that I'm awesome, and produce one of my spec scripts
phase8-blow the minds of movie-goers everywhere with my first flick.
phase9-have you read the biography of M.Knight Shyamalan? Yeah. I want to be that guy. Or Joss Whedon. Joss Whedon is 100% Genius+50%awesome

For those who are interested, the writing I sent in for the contest is in the review room, entitled Genn Greymane
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