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Today I sit one-eyed at the computer after having painfully removed, with the aid of but an unsterilised needle, a stye-like white deposit from under my eye. Evidently this hurt and continues to do so; hence I am one eyed for the time being.

This is the not the first time I have performed this 'operation' on myself and I am thus confident that all has gone well and that shortly the slight inflammation will subdue. The pain is new though This I attribute to me never having removed one of these things from so near to the eye.

I waited until I was alone to do this today because the wielding of needles so close to the eye can unnerve some people and by extension they may then unnerve me, which would not be helpful when wielding a needle close to the eye. Through these meandering thoughts you can see the benefits of me having waited to be alone.

There was no need to remove this item. It was not unsightly, did not affect my self esteem, was in no way painful (pre-op) and caused no offence of any sort. So why do it? Another I'd had earlier this year just sort of went away, or fell off. I don't know.

This got me to thinking about preening, which I attribute today's act to. I am not a particularly vain individual though like to look as nice as I can, in the sphere of the way I like to look i.e. within my own parameters. This stye-like blemish, though causing no harm, was still a blemish and one that needn't remain. It was a little like tidying one's own appearance, albeit a strange way of doing so.

This got me to thinking, would more people tidy themselves if they had the means? A 'do-it-yourself' nose job perhaps, just add alcohol. Liposuction tools available in the local hardware store repleat with some sort of weekly biohazard cum refuse collection. Would this rampant vanity and consumerism be seen as some sort of distophia or would this behaviour be seen as commendable? Does it smack of celebrity culture, or is an extension of rationale and natural selection?

Who knows - just thought I'd share my afternoon musings once more with you. ;)
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