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Call Me Crazy...

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 104

Call Me Crazy...But as I am prone to do, I was looking over some things about the 9/11 incident. Remember the fourth plane that went down?

All the other planes hit there target. The fourth was found over Pennsylvania. Reports say that the passengers overcame the terrorists and...crashed the plane? Why would they do that if they overcame the terrorists. IF they could. If the gained control of the cabin they would have been easily able to lock themselves out of it. There was no way for the people to know what the plane's intended purpose was and even so, I doubt people would have been the heroes it plays out to be.

No military air presence was present except for the fourth craft. Witnesses in the area say that they saw military craft intercept the plane and a fireball in the air.

Conclusion? I think the fourth suicide pilot, like all the pilots, was a planted agent and that he flaked at the last moment. The military was set to ignore all instances except for purposes of damage control, should anyone flake. Because, ABSOLUTELY, there must be NO SURVIVORS.

And...where was it headed out in Pennsylvania in the middle of practically no where significant? The plane was veering from it's intended mission and was shot down.

That's all.

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