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cave of forgotten dreams

Published by suhailp in the blog suhailp's blog. Views: 137

wandering this lonesome cannopy,
he senses that the night sky is enraged,
and within it swells the fury of the thunder and rain,
that doth pour upon the young tender earth.
By fortune he stumbles upon a foreboding cave,
begins to spark that mystery of flame
and within its twisted walls of stone that eb and flow
like the gentle waves of a glistening lake;
he see's shadows and reflections of the day,
the beasts that prance and play in sweeping green seas,
gracefull birds who perch in the tall birch tree's,
the creatures of the deep that flicker like distant stars
in coral caves beneath the undulating waves,
and in this enthralling haze of wonder and excitement,
from deep within seeps an unknown incitement.
Confronted by all these great mysteries,
in this solitary sanctuary,
he begins to reflect upon that most bewildering of subjects,
so with nothing but the shimmering moonlight,
the dancing and wavering of the burning torch light,
in the shuddering cold of this treacherous night,
on the walls he begins to write,
in this small refuge which he has found,
to the walls his soul now be bound,
stroke by stroke he paints onto the moving walls,
these scrapings upon once bare lifeless stone,
the seeds of destiny have now been sown,
by this fledgling of humanity,
within him the spirit of solidarity,
a notion of equality,
that we were once in unity,
but now divided by sketchings of a stone,
those who claim to know have claimed the throne,
but as history has shown,
they will be lost in the deep abyss of time,
forgotten memories in fading pictures,
and beneath those incredulous deceptive scriptures,
the truth of time and what it is that makes you and me,
lays in clear sight for all to see,
here in this sacred tavern,
alone in this dripping cavern,
he found what is to be,
he was the same as you or me,
to never be known and forgotten in history.
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