Chapter 27 revised (new writing)

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This is all I'm doing tonight...but I wanted everyone to see it, will have more later.

The rocks cut into her stomach as she peered out from under the car. They couldn’t stay there long, she thought. The rest of the team would be coming, and they would be picked off easily then. Just how many had they sent to kill her?

Three are already involved, she thought. So I’d say there are five of them. More then that would be too unwieldy to coordinate. That means we have two more to look out for.

She peered around the car and jerked her head back. A bullet tore into the street, barely missing her head. Cursing, she found she hated the sniper. Whoever he was, he had them pinned down.

Which means I need to come up with a good plan to get us out of this! She thought with a growl. This ambush was definitely thought out well, damn it! And I walked right into it without even having a plan! Stupid me!

“Your friends definitely don’t like you,” Kosloski muttered as she scanned the buildings across the street.

“No ****,”

She scanned for the sniper in seek and detect ode. Given the angle he was firing from, he had to be directly across the street. Any further down and he would be able to fire around the car.

Which makes it easier for me to neutralize him, she thought, gritting her teeth.

A glint across the street caught her attention. Focusing her eyes, she spotted the sniper. Searching for them from a third floor balcony, he had a perfect angle on them. If that wasn’t sneaky, she thought with a humph.

If that cook hadn’t knocked me over, she thought, shuddering, then it would have been me with my head blown off…

She belly crawled until she was under the car. Her mind raced with options as she looked at him. As long as he could shoot with impunity, she mused, and then they were going to be sitting ducks for his teammates. No, they were going to have to eliminate the sniper, and that was up to her.

Kosloski might be a field agent, she told herself. But he won’t be much use in this operation.

“You know,” he admitted behind her. “You’re even more skilled then I suspected you were.”

“I’m glad I pass your test,” she muttered at him, keeping her eyes on the sniper. “But we’ve got a sniper to worry about.”

“I’ll get him,” he said, starting to move towards the end of the car.

She shoved herself out from under the car. Grabbing him in her vice-like grip, she looked in his eyes. Was this man a complete fool, she asked, slamming her onto his backside.

Never in my damned life have I seen someone whose bravado outdid his or her common sense like him
, she fumed.

“Jesus Christ!” she swore. “Are you ****ing stupid?”
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