Chapter 30 (new writing 100%) snippet

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He was a non-descript man, nothing about him drawing attention to himself. Moving through the crowds he kept an eye on Almir the entire time. A small camera built into his fedora took pictures and holovids of her. All of them were being instantly transmitted to his employers.

She was an impressive woman, he thought. There was nothing about her that wasn’t exceptional. He had seen many special people over the course of his life, but none of them surpassed Kate Almir.

They will like what they see, he thought, watching her through a set of binoculars.

The woman was deadly, that much he knew for certain. However, she seemed to be so much more then a killer. It was that x-factor that would make her a perfect opponent for his employers. They were looking for something that would make her a worthy adversary.

And that should do nicely, he thought, smiling at Almir.

There wasn’t a doubt in his mind she was going to defeat her adversaries. While they might be trained like her, they didn’t have the ferocity she was capable of. It might not for easy for her, he mused, but she was going to win in the end.

Moving quietly from his perch, he stayed out of the sight of the prowling police. The organization he worked for hadn’t survived for over a thousand years by being stupid. No, the attempt on Almir’s life had brought a lot of heat down on the town. However, he chuckled, it gave him plenty of time to analyze her in action.

She had hit their radar four years ago after the Ireland situation. It had been a major surprise to them when she had managed to save the President. The odds of a rookie Agent defeating the number of terrorists she faced were slim. That was when they had known she was someone to be reckoned with.

However, it was her dealings with the mysterious Christopher Albright that had piqued their attention. A powerful arms dealer and mogul, she had killed two body doubles before finding Albright. Despite all evidence, the Syndicate wasn’t sure she had succeeded in killing Albright.

It was from that point on that they had kept her under constant surveillance. They hadn’t seen someone of her talents for three hundred years, and she would be perfect for what they had planned. Provided she stayed alive, he mused.

Slipping past a throng of people, he kept her in sight. She was too busy with her would-be killers to watch him, which pleased him tremendously. Lighting a cigarette, he followed her in his non-chalet manner.

When they’re ready for her, he thought, They would come for her. Until then, I will keep recording everything I see.
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