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Chapter heading "quotes" from Techniques of the Selling Writer by Dwight V. Swain

Published by scintilla in the blog Learning Together. Views: 129

Chapter 1. A story is experience translated into literary process.
Chapter 2. A story is words strung onto paper.
Chapter 3. A story is a succession of motivations and reactions.
Chapter 4. A story is a chain of scenes and sequels.
Chapter 5. A story is a double-barreled attack upon your readers.
Chapter 6. A story is movement through the eternal now, from past to future.
Chapter 7. A story is people given life on paper.
Chapter 8. A story is the triumph of ego over fear of failure.
Chapter 9. A story is merchandise that goes hunting for a buyer.
Chapter 10. A story is a larger life, created and shared with others by a writer.
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