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Cheating, pouting, and fluff

Published by Kate Sen in the blog Kate Sen's blog. Views: 87

Cheating! This morning I am tempted to use writing I did a couple of days ago, and call it today's. But that would be cheating so I won't. So therefore we really need today's blog to step forward.

Wake up! Rise and shine, muse. You're not a morning person? Well, I am not a night owl, so morning it will have to be. What? You say I am not calling the shots, that I should write whenever your inspiration hits me, and that you do not work according to a schedule? Well, I don't either, but I am stubborn. So perform for me muse. Dance!

Now she is pouting in a corner. Holding all the inspiration to herself. Fine, I can write today's blog without your help! All I need to do is put one word after the other, and pretend they belong there, right? And if they don't, who will notice?

All I need to do is put on my invisibility cloak, and then even if anyone notices how mediocre my blog is today, at least they won't see my cheeks red from embarrassment - or are they red from anger at you, my muse, for sulking?

Wouldn't it be nice if we learned to communicate, so your words could flow through me, and I could understand your ideas without any spoken words, completing eachother's sentences? You'd start, and I would finish, or maybe I would start and you'd finish, or maybe you start and finish and I just fill in the fluff in the middle? I may be up to that kind of fluff this morning. Good morning, muse.
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