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I blame Siegfried's sig. ^^

I'm excited for school.

Writing 2
Career planning

The last one is more because I need it than that I would be happy to take it, but the other two are good. I'm especially excited about geology. We get twice the lab time and half the lecture time, as opposed to twice the lecture and half the lab. Still plenty of book work, but more hands-on stuff than I would have otherwise. This class got full pretty fast compared to the other one (2xLecture 1/2xLab) so I’m glad I got it. Because I’m one of the younger students and the state’s paying for my tuition, registration opens a day later for me. So all that day I was ringing my hands. But I’m in, so I’m happy. :-D

School starts at the end of September. I’m so used to it starting at the beginning of September/end of August, that I don’t know what to do with my extra month of vacation. Well, other than read, write, and wood work.

And the cows are going to be butchered soon. Really soon. Right now, the neighbor wasn’t feeding the cows right, so we had to come back and take care of them. Dad once again has a job up there, or he’d be the one taking care of the cows. It’s his hobby, he likes doing it, and he panics when we do it. So we’ll all be a bit happier when the cows are gone. We’ll be able to go back up to the mountains without worrying about them. :)

Funny. I don’t care too much about butchering them. But I do have issues with eating them. I think I’ll look at my steak and remember how they would wag their tails when we came out with the grain. But with prices going up on everything, I think I’ll crack eventually and eat a burger.

This is why I don’t like taking care of cows and pigs and chickens. I bond with it, then we eat it. Fire and Dad have tough skins, though. They look at the cows and see different cuts of meat. Mom and I look at the cows and see cute animals who get excited and trot/prance/hop to the grain bucket and wag their tails while we fill it up.
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