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Published by Sonshine in the blog The Shoreline. Views: 76

If you've ever had muscle cramps (sometimes known as a charlie horses) you might be able to relate! This is fairly simple I think, but a totally practical inspiration :)


I try to move,
Again the vise closes.
I try to prove,
That I am not hopeless.

I want to run,
I am tied down tightly.
I want to hum,
But pain stops me frightfully.

I act so brave,
Can't give myself to pain.
I act so save,
Me from this mental acclaim.

I am crippled,
The joy of my legs is gone.
I am doubled,
Harsh twinges are overdone.

I hear murmurs,
Will he ever prance or tramp?
I hear whispers,
My muscles and happiness cramp.
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