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As I have been exploring the site more and more, I am gradually discovering all of these really fun tidbits about the creative writing forum, including this little blog here. I'm hoping that this will help me get back on track with my writing and ESPECIALLY my editing. Sometimes I feel as though I just don't have a freakin' clue, and I've even wondered if I should take a creative writing course just to get some further training. A lot of my writing is just intuitive, and I'm even wondering if I'm giving correct feedback to my students.

So far, as I've been on here, I have been inspired to send out a couple of short stories--you never know unless you try! And I'm beginning to revise a new one, and learning quite a lot in the process. (Thanks again, mammamia!) Literally, here in Panama I have felt so bereft of a writing community that I wasn't sure even where to begin to get some of the information and help that I needed. I have spent countless hours on the web researching and researching contests, writing tips, etc. but no vague article online can do what clear and personal feedback can.

Hoping to post something at least once a week even if I can't find time between work, baby and husband to get some writing done. I'll work it in somehow! :) So far, I have three short stories that I've been working through and 1 novel that is sitting on the shelf awaiting some knowledge for proper editing. All are in the Crime/Suspense genres, with the novel somewhat of a Romantic Suspense.
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