Dalton, Part 1

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For the last 5 years I have reaped the rewards of s successful book I had published called “the final gambit.” Now I say published, not written simply because I did not write it. Allow me to elaborate. Back in early 2004 I joined this online writer’s community forum where new and experienced writers could talk about writing and publishing. Some would post short stories for contests and others would be looking for a review of their work. I was one of the new writers that wanted to win the writers contest. I spend 3 weeks writing 3 chapters for a story on the topic of “Spy thriller”. I barely made the dead line. Days passed and my work was submitted, reviewed and judged. Out of 15 entries, I placed 10th. Needless to say I didn’t have the skill or material to win a small contest, or the 3 million dollar life style i'm living now.

After losing that contest, and a few others like that one I gave up and worked on becoming a better boy friend. It was 3 months after my original submission of the 3 chapter fail story I submitted, I received an e-mail that changed my life forever. The senders name was obviously a pen name, R.T. Colo. The contense of the e-mail was 4 chapters of fan fiction based off of my original 3 chapters I submitted months ago. The work was phenomenal, simply phenomenal. I read it over and over again and each time I did this, I fell more and more in love with the story. I attempted to contact this R.T. Colo on a few occasions but could never lock him down. It was mid 2006 when I received the 23ed chapter of this epic story. Completely taken by its complexity in story and dense plot, I printed out a few copies and handed them out to my friends and family.

I was promptly urged to submit this story to a publishing firm. Without thinking it through me did. In almost no time I had my first published book. Years pass and the book is making my money to where I don’t need to work a real job. So I quit my private investigator job and live a near spoiled life. I went too as many book signings and conventions as I could. My fan base was picking up at a rate I didn’t expect. I even received a proposal to turn my book into a movie. Needless to say, things are looking good for me and my bank account.

Then the darndest thing happened. I was being my typical self and came across a thread on a forum that was all fan fiction of my book. The material I read was unbelievable! But something hit me. Something weighed on my chest with conviction. My story, “The Last Gambit” wasn’t my story. Now I had known this since day one but ignored it because of the letter S with two little diagonal slashes through it. I wanted as many of those dollar bills as I could get.

I fell into this dark place in my emotions. I have taken credit for another writers work without giving him any acknowledgement or royalty. I began looking for this person’s info. With a little bit of digging I discovered his user name on my old forum community was R.T.Colo. I must have spent all night looking over achieved posts and blogs from this guy. I became obsessed with some of his short stories. He alone is the creator of The Final Gambit. I’m just a thief. I need to find this man. I spend a whole week logging into every popular writer’s forum site I can find and there I made my discovery. He was an active user on a site called Sippin’ Pages Café. Apparently it’s a real coffee shop in Philly Pa. there is evidence that he goes to this café in some of his posts. It would be the best start for me and my quest.

I read my things for a week long adventure in the wonderful state of pa. Loaded up my gas guzzling, not-so-eco-friendly SUV, activate my GPS and hit the road by 5 am the next day.
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