Dancing Fingers

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Author's note: I decided to write a short story, not from a young girl's point of view, but from an older male's.

A business man finds himself highly attracted to his beautiful secretary, but is too shy to tell her, or ask for a simple date. The two interact with each other in ways stronger than words with a twist hidden among their actions.

Can you guess what the twist is?


"So I really like this guy, and in my opinion he's perfect. I think I love him."

I wish.

I wish I heard those words issue from her sweet lips. That tiny, pink smile can brighten up my day, even in the darkest of times. I gaze at her beautiful, golden hair as is swishes in the invisible breeze flowing through the open office window. She moves her head as she talks animatedly, her hands and fingers dancing at a lightning speed. I can almost feel her emerald eyes sparkle, and her nose begins to twitch as though she is trying not to laugh at the information she has just revealed to me.

I smile as her nose twitches and she covers her hand with her mouth. Those delicate eyes crinkle in laughter and I take a step towards her. She lowers her hand and I read the apology formed from her lips. She adjusts her black pencil skirt and smooths her white blouse, attempting to compose herself.

If only those words of sweet love could be heard. If only she would take a step closer, the scent of her perfume dancing with my cologne. If only I could hear her speak that confession. If only. But alas, I cannot hear those words. I cannot hear anything.

"Sir, I need you to sign this before I hand it in to Mr. jackson." She offers me the contract I had previously read, lowering her right hand as she ceases to speak. I innocently smile at her, forcing my concentration back to the business at hand. Truthfully, my attention had wavered as she spoke, and rather than concentrating on her delicate fingers, my mind was lost in her honey hair.

Skimming through the details hidden in the document, I scribble my signature at the bottom of the page and hand the clip board back to my secretary. As she reaches out to hold the contract, her pale hand lightly brushes against my own, sending shivers up my spine which force me to stand up straight. With a final smile she nods her head, letting the sunlight glide through her hair and I view a "thank you" formed from her lips.

I turn back to my desk watching a shadow slide across the room as the office door closes. I know I'm alone. I glance at the pile of papers strewn over my desk, my name plate pushed aside by the careless placement of my work. Sighing, I lower myself into my chair and attempt to straighten the papers into various piles on my desk, throwing highlighters into drawers and tossing a sweet wrapper into the trash can by the door.

Barely had I began to lower my arm after my graceful toss when the door inched open again. That beautiful face peered around the newly formed crack and I couldn't help but let a smile escape from my lips. Opening the door wider, my secretary walked into the room, letting her long legs tiptoe across the carpet, balancing on delicate kitten heels. She opened her mouth showing dazzlingly white teeth, her lipgloss shining with the movement. I watched as her hands lifted and her fingers danced and spiralled, creating precise movements that translated into words too sweet for even her lips to form.

"Would you like to grab dinner with me tonight?"
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