Day 3 - Good progress I believe

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Even though I have not been able to devote a large portion of the day to write, as day 3 draws to a close, I believe I have made good overall progress on my first book.

Thus far:

  • Characters and their basic descriptions have been mapped out.
  • The overall plot and sub-plots have been laid out.
  • Deeper character descriptions have been made on 2 of the main characters.
  • The title page of the book has been formated.
  • Found several good quotes to use throughout the book (thanks to Hubby).
  • Made a list of questions/problems to solve when it comes to plot consistancy.
  • Jotted down many notes of things that need to be added/mentioned throughout the story.

Now I have Chapter 1, page 1 open ... a blank canvas ... trying to decide how I want to start this puppy off. I mean, I know the setting/location and the characters involved ... but it's the setup to the murder, so I have to sell it fast.

Think of Law and Order episodes and how they lead into the finding of the dead body each time. It's like that, but you (the reader) see the murder happen ... but you just don't see/know who the murderer is.

So, basically I have to write "the camera panning into and focusing" on the victim type thing.

Ok ... off I go.
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