Day by day

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My heart is aching,
The mistakes I'm making.
Like a knife through my spine,
How I've crossed the line.
Life seems so far away,
One day too soon,
All in time, one day will fly by.
But the mistakes I'm making.
All I can do is cry.
I know I've crossed the line.
But one day, all of it, all the lies
I will own up to, they'll be mine.
But will I ever just learn or,
Will I keep and continue to burn,
Maybe if I just forget and live,
there'll be no reason to ask to forgive,
But my conscience won't be clear,
I'll always have everything to fear,
For my mind wont ever be sane,
and I'm the only one to blame,
I know that when it's my time to go,
I doubt I'll let anyone know,
That it was this pain that killed me,
And going on living, it could never be,
The gates to heaven won't open,
I'll always be completely broken,
But until I leave, day by day,
There'll be nothing to say,
And remaining quiet is the only way.
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